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The Top 5 Scenic Golf Holes In The World

Whenever we see golf tournaments whether we are physically present on the location or just watching it in the comfort of our homes, no one can deny the fact that we are not just looking at players and their fantastic moves. We also pay attention to the scenic locations of the tournament. With that being said, check out the best scenic golf holes in the world.

pexels-photo-28275Doonbeg Golf Club, Ireland – 1st Hole

If you are excited about the opening of the game, there is no better place to start your par than this magnificent course of Doonbeg Golf Club. The Atlantic Ocean can be the witness to every swing of your golf club.

Saujana Golf & Country Club, Malaysia – 2nd Hole

Have you ever dreamt of playing golf surrounded by a jungle? If yes, you are free to swing some clubs in Saujana Golf & Country Club. You’ll be amazed by the three-tier green surroundings of the Country Club.

The Abaco Club, Bahamas – 5th Hole

The Bahamas has always been a beautiful place, but you have to wait until you see the 5th hole of The Abaco Club. The beauty of the sparkling water in the scenery can easily distract any player.

Kauri Cliffs, Golf Club, New Zealand – 7th Hole

We often thought cliffs are just all dangerous, but once you set eyes on this heavenly view of the Kauri Cliffs, your thoughts can change. You can take your swing anytime while the view of the Pacific Ocean cheers for you.

trump-international-golf-club-puerto-rico1Trump International Golf Club, Grenadines – 13th Hole

Alright, it’s not just the 13th hole that looks mesmerizing. As a matter of fact, once you step foot in the golf club you might forget that you intend to play golf. It is so relaxing most especially if you get the chance to look at the Caribbean, Atlantic and Grenadine Islands all at the same time. It’s just picture perfect.

If you want to experience the finest taste of golf, drop by the five golf clubs, and you may no longer want to leave.

The 3 Best Golfers The World Has Ever Seen

Golf is an exquisite game to play. You have to be composed and precise. You should be good with a lot of skills to succeed in the sport of golf. Most of the time, we are just left in awe when seeing those great players swing their golf clubs like it is too easy. There are a lot of names that created noise in the world of golf. Let’s check out the best Golfers the world has ever seen.

Top 1: Tiger Woods2310259913_e26d90f985_b

It is not surprising to see Tiger Woods on the top spot. He is superb with trajectory precision. Many would agree that he is one of the genius golfers beating down great professional players on his first stint as a pro golfer. If you are wondering who the only golf player that won four consecutive major championships is it is none other than Tiger Woods. We are just talking about golf so let’s not include any personal issues that he may have.

jacknicklaus-croppedTop 2: Jack Nicklaus

He is one of the greatest players that world of golf has ever seen. He sets the record for the most major championships won. Jack Nicklaus is also a genius in strategies when it comes to the different courses he played. He is also a winner of six Masters. If you want to count his achievements, be ready as it may take a while.




Top 3: Sam Snead

We all know about the grand PGA Tours and the person who holds the record for the most wins in PGA Tours is none other than Sam Snead with 81 PGA titles. He is called Slamming Sammy for his great swings that will make you think that playing golf and swinging clubs are just too easy.  He could have easily been called the greatest golf player of all-time if he was able to win any title for the U.S Open.

Let’s just say that there are people who are blessed with great skills and no doubt that these three are highly skilled individuals that created a significant impact in golf.

The 3 Most Funded Golf Tournaments Based on Sponsorship

Golf is one of the most elegant sports known to people. It is not just a hobby because there is a real stiff competition going around the world of golf. We have to take it seriously because it is one of the sports that are well-funded. Here are the highest funded golf tournaments based on the sponsorship.

PGA Championship

The total fund for this competition based on the sponsors is around $45 million. It is not surprising at all most especially if the world’s great golfers are involved in the tournament. The primary sponsors are American Express, National Car Rental, RBC and a lot more. You should expect that the PGA Championship is also star-studded with the greatest players of golf.

British Open


The British Open comes in second when it comes to the fund raised from sponsors at more or less $24 million. It is another great competition that ensures the presence of the best players in golf. The British Open is another tournament that can draw a lot of sponsors because of its high ratings. The major sponsors for the competition are HSBC, MasterCard, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few.

U.S Open

Adam Scott of Australia birdies No. 18 in regulation during Round 4 of the 2013 Masters.

The U.S Open is one of the most awaited golf tournaments every year. Just from the sponsors, the funds are going up as high $22 million. It is not surprising most especially if you have sponsors like Chevron, IBM, and Rolex. It is also the top notcher when it comes to media hits, and that is one of the reasons why there are always a lot of sponsors for the U.S Open.

There are other big tournaments held all around the globe. It’s just that the three are the most favorite among the players and watchers alike. The three major competitions are the ones that draw a lot of spectators.